Is Nando allergy inducing?

Groodles have a reputation for being safe for dog allergy sufferers because many Groodles inherit the low-shedding Poodle coat – which is easier for allergy sufferers to tolerate, they are exposed to less of the allergens (skin proteins or saliva).  Allergen = something that sets of an allergic reaction. 

Not all Groodles are low-shedders, but we are hoping Nando will be because my husband’s niece is allergic.  In this post we follow their progress together!

My husband’s niece, a case study in dog allergy:

My husband’s niece is 9 years old and her allergy causes her a great deal of unhappiness, because she loves dogs.  On Nando’s first day with us, the niece gave him a pretty good cuddle, and sadly for her, her eyes started to water and her face started to swell.

Nando was 9 weeks old at that stage, and was starting to shed his puppy coat.  We do not know what part of Nando the niece has an allergy against (saliva, skin proteins etc), but we are hoping that once Nando’s adult coat is fully formed, he might be a low-shedding dog, which improves the chances that the niece might not have a strong allergic response to him.  Our fingers are crossed – because they would play so nicely together.

We have not seen the niece since the first day (they live 5 hours drive away), but we will be seeing her in 2 weeks, when Nando is 20 weeks old (so 10 weeks later).  Nando is still shedding his puppy coat, and probably will still be shedding it in 2 weeks (and for the next 6-12 months??)…….but it will be interesting to see what happens then, and in the coming years.

Long Eyelashes = Less Allergy?

According to the website there is some evidence that if a Groodle puppy has long eyelashes, then it is more likely to be a low-shedding dog.  Nando’s eyelashes are insanely long (see picture below), so our fingers are crossed that he is a low-shedder… is would be an added bonus to his ridiculous cuteness and sweetness if he did not induce allergies, or shed all over the furniture.

Groodle puppy with long eyelashes, will he be safe for allergy suffers?
Long eyelashes = less shedding?

Update:  May 2018

Nando and the niece were reunited on the weekend.  The niece was able to play with Nando, but was careful not to touch her face after patting him, and to wash her hands.  Her eyes became a little bit swollen from time to time, but it was not a strong allergic response, and she did not need to take antihistamines.

Nando is still shedding a reasonable amount of hair, that is probably still his puppy coat – so hopefully, with a bit more time, he will be even less allergy inducing again.

Update: April 2019

Nando is still shedding some hair – perhaps he always will.  My husbands niece suffers from low grade allergy to Nando, and she usually takes allergy medication before or after interacting with him.

Let us know about your Groodle experiences! Same or different?