What will Nando’s adult Groodle coat look like?

Groodle coat at 9 weeks
9 weeks

The Groodle coat is a beautiful thing Рwild and wonderful.  There is a huge variation in how the Groodle coat can appear, and one of our big curiosities has been Рwhat sort of adult coat will Nando have?  Will it be Poodley, or Golden Retrievery? Will it shed a lot or a little? Will it grow continuously or only to a certain length? Will it smell?

Personally I love the musty Golden Retriever smell, but my husband says it is for ‘advanced dog lovers’ only.

Nando is a first generation Groodle (his mother was a Poodle and his father a Golden Retriever), which means his coat could turn out anywhere from pure Poodle to pure Golden Retriever-looking, and every combination in between.

The Pros and Cons of the Groodle Coat variations

The Poodle Coat – Pros and Cons

The advantage of the Poodle coat is that in theory it does not shed much (it does shed, but the hair is entrapped within the tight curls so does not end up all over the floor, furniture and clothes).  People with dog allergies suffer less with Poodles because of this low shedding attribute.  The disadvantage of the Poodle coat is it grows continuously (as in, really long! ), and needs to be kept trimmed and groomed, or allowed to form into rastas.

The Golden Retriever Coat – Pros and Cons

The advantage of the Golden Retriever coat is it is beautiful, and only grows to a certain length, then stops.  It sheds a LOT, and can be a bit smelly.

The Groodle Coat – perfection?

So, the Groodle has the potential to have the ‘ideal’ coat that combines the best of both breeds – low shedding, low allergy-inducing, minimal smell and growing only to a certain length……as well as looking beautiful in a wild and shaggy way.

We wanted to know if we could predict Nando’s adult coat characteristics based on his puppy coat.  We are hoping he will be low allergy for our niece – read here, to find out if that works out or not!

Some helpful links that we found:

The best website we found, in attempt to try and predict what type of coat Nando might eventually have, came from New Zealand:

Another interesting website was from North America:

Nando’s puppy coat:

Nando had mostly-straight Golden Retriever-looking hair at 9-12 weeks – he certainly did not look like a Poodle.

One day, at around 12 weeks of age, Nando woke up looking like a crested pigeon:

and then hair tufts just kept popping up all over his head.  Every time he woke up from a nap, there was a new tuft.

By 16 weeks of age Nando was channeling Einstein…..

Nando the Groodle puppy at 16 weeks
16 weeks

and then, this was yesterday (17 weeks):

Groodle coat at 17 weeks
17 weeks

Nando’s Tail:

The evolution of his tail has also been fun.  At 9 weeks the hair was arranged in a tight spiral around the tail – but slowly it is ‘unspringing itself’ (photos captured at mealtime).

The feathers on the back feet are also starting to look impressive!

Groodle coat at 18 weeks - feathers on the back legs
18 weeks – feathers on the back legs.

Nando had really long eyelashes as a puppy, which has been suggested may be linked to the ‘low-shedding’ attribute.  Interestingly, at about 10-11 months old, these long eyelashes fell out, but they were slowly replaced again by equally long eyelashes by 13 months of age – however he is shedding hair – a small-moderate amount compared to a Golden Retriever, but still a reasonable amount.

Long Eyelashes!!

Now, at 14 months old, here is Nando (photo below, after a shower) in his full winter coat shaggy glory!  See here for a full description of Nando’s coat at 12 months.

Adult Groodle Coat
Nando’s adult Groodle coat. Mid winter. Still a bit wet after a shower.


  1. Hi! We have an 11 week old Groodle that looks just like yours! I was wondering- did Nando keep his blue/gray eyes? Or did they turn brown?

    • Hi! Nando had very brown eyes when we first picked him up at 9 weeks. I had a close look at some of his puppy photos from the breeder and it looks like they were blue-ish earlier. It would be interesting to hear back from you in a few weeks if your pups eyes do, or don’t, change colour. Have fun :), they are so cute at that age!

Let us know about your Groodle experiences! Same or different?