13-17 weeks old

The weeks when Nando was 13-17 weeks of age went by in a blur, and now there are a few details I have forgotten.  Nando was coming to work with me a lot in those times – learning to walk on a lead, learning how to catch public transport.  I considered changing his name to ‘Herzig’ (it means delightful, or sweet, or cute in German) because he got called that a lot.


Nando’s incisors (the small teeth at the front) started falling out at about 15 weeks.  The small incisors on the bottom jaw went first, then the larger incisors of the upper jaw. He showed little obvious pain or discomfort with this (he would let me wiggle the loose teeth).  We check his mouth almost daily.

Teething. 2 new adult incisors in the middle of the upper jaw. Baby canines.

Heading into puberty:

At 17 weeks, Nando is starting to have new thoughts and feelings – he gets this expression on his face we call the ‘Odie look’ (as in the dog from the Garfield comics) where his eyes are kind of unfocussed, his tongue lolls between his teeth, and he sits all sloppy with his penis out……..my guess is that is the effect of newly-minted testosterone on his baby brain, but I don’t really know.

31.05.18 Finally a photo!  Nando is now 21 weeks of age, but still doing his ‘Odie’ impression from time to time.

Nando the Groodle puppy at 21 weeks looking like Odie

Let us know about your Groodle experiences! Same or different?