Nando at 18 weeks old

At 18 weeks old, there is a lot going on with Nando right now! – especially with teething, his mood and his behaviour……not to mention his body size – look how much he has grown!


Its spring in the city, and the weather has been beautiful for getting outside for a walk.


Nando’s baby teeth continue to fall out, with surprisingly quick daily changes inside his mouth.  He lost 3 incisors in 3 days! Busy busy!

These photos are taken by letting Nando chew on my finger, which he loves to do if allowed……they are sometimes blurry because he is a wiggly target to photograph :).

Every day a different behaviour and mood:

The mood Nando wakes up in seems to be the mood that sets the day.  Its funny how often it changes.  One day he is tired and sleeping a lot, the next day he is all cuddly and sweet, the day after he is running away from us and not listening to a word we say, the next day he is a normal dog (kind of) etc etc…..there is a lot going on in his body and brain right now!!


We carry treats with us all the time now, because he is showing signs of independence (rebelliousness?), and the treats keep him focussed on us.  Mostly he comes back when called…….


Nando is playing really nicely with other dogs – he changes his strategy depending on the mood, size and strength of the other dog, and its fun to watch.

Going to the toilet:

Nando does not lift his leg to pee, which is normal for a pup.  He has observed a lot of male dogs lift their leg to pee by now but he is not showing any interest in copying them – yet.

He has done much less humping of sheepskins this week, compared to last week :).

Let us know about your Groodle experiences! Same or different?