Nando at 19 weeks old

Nando is 19 weeks of age and he has doubled in weight since the first day we got him.  He went for his first mini hike, and has developed an appreciation for cow manure – yummy.

There was less dramatic teething – his adult incisors are slowly growing through.

Nando has overall been a bit more fearful this week. He was terrified by a group of kids on kickboards – so much so that his anal glands released (poor baby),  he refused to come down a staircase that he is normally fine with, he refused to walk past an area where he heard a loud noise the day before – refused as in, he lay on the ground! So we went a different way.  Rain induced a fit of trembles….etc etc.  It is apparently normal for puppies at this age to go through a fear stage……but if it persists, I will think of a PlanB for his daily routine.

Humping:  Nando had stopped humping his sheepskin for a while, but he started again……I think it actually gives him some stress relief….its been a stressy week, including the fact that one of his pet humans is away.

Nando also had a sore eye for a fews days – maybe from running around in the scrub with another dog while on the mini hike, perhaps he got whiplash from plants, or something flicked in there.  We are watching it closely! If you are interested, here is my checklist for what too look out for with puppies with a sore eye.

Its been raining a lot, so we are going through lots of towels.  Luckily the Groodle coat is relatively ‘quick dry’.

Wet Groodle puppy - 19 weeks
Wet and on the bus

Nando also had a haircut….ahem…..:

There is a lot less urine and dirt getting stuck to the hair now.

Let us know about your Groodle experiences! Same or different?