21 weeks old

21 weeks of age has been a challenging time for all of us.  Teething rages on and fear of city noises is ramping up a little bit.

On the upside, Nando is a big sweetheart, and very pretty :), but it has been a week that needed care, patience and some creativity.


Nando’s top left canine came out this week, and the adult tooth is slowly growing through.  The teething occasionally causes him discomfort as he rubs at his face, especially first thing in the morning and after eating.  I am sure the teething process is playing a role in some of the behavioural issues we are seeing.

Fear of noises

I want to start this by saying, that when there are no scary noises, Nando is a happy playful puppy – well socialised, good with humans (adults and children) and excellent with other dogs.  Unfortunately, the loud city noises are causing him increasing levels of anxiety.  The street directly outside our apartment block has become particularly scary to him…..which is making his life difficult, and our life challenging.  I am hoping that once he is finished teething he might start to feel a bit more confident about these things but in the meantime, I am pulling out the big guns – fried chicken!

So the focus for the next week will be to try and associate scary noises with the appearance of very tasty treats such as fried chicken……fingers are crossed that it works

Puppy Art

Lets call this piece of modern art in the following picture the ‘puppy lair’ or the puppy ‘man den’.  Every piece was dragged in and arranged by Nando, and includes 2 sheeps skin, a blanket, a towel, at least 2 soft toys, a cow skin chew, and an artfully arranged sales brochure (better that than our shoes!!).  This is his happy place – no more so than when he is humping those sheeps skins!



Let us know about your Groodle experiences! Same or different?