Nando and his Vaccinations

Vaccines – love them or hate them?

Vaccines are enjoying come controversy these days.  Love them or hate them, they do prevent (or at least minimise) the effects of some very nasty diseases – and they prevent the spread of these diseases.

Do they cause harm puppies? Very rarely…..but it can happen that a puppy might have an abnormally strong reaction to a vaccine, which can cause some problems.  If you are one of the unlucky few who have experienced that, then I am sorry, that sucks!!!!

But for the vast majority of puppies, vaccination is a good thing.

A quick anecdote on the benefits of vaccinations (because sometimes we forget why they are so important):  I worked with a veterinarian of 30+ years experience, who told me the story of when Parvovirus first broke out in Brisbane, Australia (in the late 1970s I think).  He said it was chaos – the halls of the veterinary clinic were lined with dogs on fluid drips, suffering from vomiting and bloody diarrhea.  Parvovirus is a really contagious virus and spread like wildfire through the unvaccinated Brisbane dog population.

Anyway, that is my ‘2 cents’ on the topic of vaccination.

Nando had the following vaccines:

  • 8 weeks old: Parvovirus; Distemper; Parainfluenza; Hepatitis
  • 12 weeks old: Parvovirus; Distemper; Parainfluenza; Hepatitis and Leptospirosis
  • 14 weeks old: Rabies
  • 16 weeks old: Parvovirus; Distemper; Parainfluenza; Hepatitis and Leptospirosis

The Rabies vaccine was suggested to be given a bit later if possible (6 months), however we travel between Switzerland and Germany reasonably often, and Nando would not be allowed to cross the border without an effective Rabies vaccination – so we had him vaccinated a little earlier.

Nando showed very few side effects to the vaccines, except perhaps he was a little bit more tired – but he still wanted to play!

Before Nando was fully vaccinated, we did allow him out into our local parks, and he was interacting with other dogs…….this is not always a great idea – it depends a lot on where you live, how many vaccinated dogs are in your area, and how easy it is for virus to survive in the environment.

In our area, there are no stray dogs, a lot of concrete (so not too many moist areas where viruses can survive), and by law, in Switzerland, a lot of responsible dog ownership.

Let us know about your Groodle experiences! Same or different?