22 weeks old


Seriously – how many more teeth can possibly fall out of his head in such a short space of time!!  Nando has lost the remaining 3 canines, and 2 premolars this week – and I also suspect he lost the two small molars at the very back of the mouth.

We are glad that he is rid of these teeth for several reasons:

  1. For the last 2 weeks there has been a really rotten smell coming from his mouth, as in, death and decay, retch-inducing badness.  We checked his mouth constantly in case he needed to go to the dentist, but all we could see were growing and loose teeth.  Now that the loose teeth are gone, his breath smells fine again!
  2. He feels so much better within himself.  This morning he was bouncing around the house at 4:30am – previously we had had to drag him down to the garden for a toilet break sometimes as late as 9am, because he was still sleeping.
  3. His anxiety and fear of noises is improving daily – phew!

We have found many of his teeth in his ‘puppy lair‘ – he seemed to mouth (not chew) on his blankets there, which I guess loosened the teeth up.

Trying to carry a ball with no canine teeth is tricky!  The adult teeth are growing through quickly however.


Nando loves to garden – but despite his enthusiasm, his efforts are rarely fully appreciated by his humans.  That beard!!

Nando the Groodle puppy at 22 weeks, loves to garden!

Fear of noises

As I mentioned in the last post (21 weeks) I was going to try fried chicken as a way of linking scary noises to a positive experience. Well, he ate the chicken, but he was still scared afterward – so we then tried some different tactics:

  1.  Only going outside when he is really busting to go to the toilet – i.e. let him decide when he is ready.
  2. Once we are outside the building, take the lead off the collar so that he is free.  We know he is not going to run onto the road because he is scared of it – he just runs along the building wall until he gets to the garden (or runs back to our apartment door).  Interestingly, after he is unclipped, he slows down a bit and waits for us a little more (if he is on the lead he strenuously pulls until he gets where he wants to go – but only when he is anxious).
  3. Sit out in the garden or play in the garden for 30-60 minutes. Nando can still hear the construction noises from there, but the garden is his safe/fun zone.
  4. Let him explore the street off-lead on the weekends, when there is no construction noise and minimal traffic.
  5. Hope that when he has a mouthful of adult teeth, his overall confidence and well-being will improve – so far, this is looking hopeful!


Nando’s little bulbous/bulbourethral glands popped up for the first time this week (they are the glands that sit either side of the penis, midway along) – you can sometimes see them if the dog is lying on its back, and they sometimes get mistaken for testicles.

Our little pup is growing up!

Nando the Groodle puppy at 22 weeks
You cannot see them in this picture, but they would be where the pink skin is, midway along the penis.


Sore Eyes

Nando’s eyes continued to be crusty in the mornings and needed treatment with antibiotic ointment 3 times a day.  The eyes responded well to this treatment, but after stopping the ointment, one eye became infected again 1 week later.  I am not sure what is causing this – some sort of bacterial conjunctivitis, or he is getting something in his eyes while playing.

Let us know about your Groodle experiences! Same or different?