23-24 weeks old

What a difference a week makes, and what a difference the end of teething makes!

(Nando and my husband, celebrating World Cup Soccer 🙂 )

Nando the Groodle puppy - celebrating World Cup Soccer
Hopp Schwiiz!


Nando lost 2 lower premolars at the start of week 23, and I think that is THE END now for teething – thank goodness!  Nando now has a mouth full of lovely shiny white adult teeth slowly growing through, and his breath smells normal again (most of the time).


With the end of teething came a vast improvement in Nando’s ‘bravery’ and his tolerance of loud noise – he has stopped being scared of going outside, and has even started being more curious – so much so that he walk out into the middle of the street that he was scared of last week, and he wants to sit in the street and just watch things. This is all great, but now begins our new challenge – a 5 1/2 month old puppy with curiosity and growing independence.

Skateboards banging against concrete are still very scary however.

Nando has been exposed to both thunder and fireworks recently – and while he did not love them, he was not as scared as he is with the skateboard noise.


Nando is returning to us less consistently when called and wandering around mostly wherever he likes, so we are keeping him on the lead more often now.  We have read that this is normal behaviour of puppies between 5-6 months of age – a bit like a rebellious teenager – but it apparently gradually goes away again (hopefully).

Nando has also developed a naughty behaviour – down at the park he finds great joy in pinching things off people’s picnic blankets, or running away with exercise cones.  He runs away with what I call his ‘naughty tail’ where his tail is held high in the air, and he runs around with ‘great glee’, while we try to convince him to stop and bring the object back.  So far, everyone at the park has been nice and understanding (he is so cute, which helps), but we have learned we have to really watch out for that.


Nando is so sweet with other dogs.  He has a couple of ‘girlfriends’ that he really enjoys playing with, and mouthing their ears – but he basically loves all dogs.  Sadly they are not always so fond of him, but he has learned quickly when to stay away, and when to persist……because sometimes those mature dogs will actually give up and play with him.

Apparently grass eating is an activity best shared with others:

Nando the Groodle puppy eating grass with friends


Nando doesn’t eat in the mornings.  He has food out all the time, but he mostly only eats at lunch and dinner.  We are therefore not too worried about him overeating and growing to fast.


But he is definitely growing!  He cracked the 20 kg mark recently and he is getting tall.


Nando is still shedding quite a bit of hair. Its possible this is due to him continuing to transition to his adult coat……but maybe he will just always be a shedder.

We love his coat, its gorgeous, but there is no undercoat, so if he gets wet, he can sometimes get cold.


Nando’s sheep skin humping has turned into more of a joyful energy burn than a stress-relieving activity.  Thankfully its still only the sheep skin that gets this special attention.


Around the same time that Nando was teething, his belly skin was also covered in lots of superficial lesions, sometimes with pus.  They did not seem painful, but they did not look great either.  Since teething stopped, his skin has also cleared up and is normal again.  Some parts of his skin (all over the body) are getting darker in colour – I guess from sun exposure…..which is a good thing because he has very pink skin.


I am a lot less worried about Nando’s front legs these days.  The carpal joint did not get any more ‘angular’ and it does not seem to be causing him any problems.  When his legs are dry they look straight and very very fluffy, when they are wet you can still see a slight outward deviation of the lower leg, but its not bad.

Let us know about your Groodle experiences! Same or different?