6 months old

Growing up Groodle

Nando turned 6 months old this week!  He is starting to look more adult now…….his brain hasn’t quite caught up with his body however.   He is still a puppy at heart.  Which is fun, because he still bounces around and plays with other dogs like a puppy, just in a much larger body.

Interestingly, as Nando’s head grows, his eyes must stay the same size, because now we can see the whites of his eyes.  As a puppy he looked like a toy, with black button eyes and a black button nose, with no white showing at all.


Nando burps.  Its hilarious.  I have never heard a dog burp before, but its very human sounding.  Its just 1-2 times per week, but its super cute.

Sore Eyes

His eye infections that I first described weeks ago have returned, so he will stay on eye ointment for a longer course now.  He ploughs through long grass, digs holes and goes fishing for stones in water (which isn’t always sparkling clean), so perhaps those things are playing a role…….but next time, he is off the the ophthalmologist.

Groodle Coat

Nando’s eyelashes are still insanely long, but he is still shedding hair.  The funny thing with his coat is that everything is wavy except the ears.  The hair on the ears is dead straight (Picture below.  This is his, ‘I’m about to hump this blanket’ face, by the way).

Nando the Groodle Puppy at 6 months
The hair on his ears is straight!

Underneath all of that hair however, is a wiry Poodle body – he looks bigger than he is.



Nando’s fear has greatly improved.  He still occasionally pauses in areas that were previously frightening but mostly he will walk through it without ‘putting the brakes on’.  Skateboarders are still scary, but gradually less so.  We have had some good storms, and thunder does not worry him much.  We have had Croatia celebrating their soccer wins in our neighbourhood, which includes fireworks and revving engines, which he does not love.  Given that all three of our teams (Germany, Switzerland and Australia) are out of the World Cup, we need to pick a new team to cheer for……but it won’t be Croatia!


Nando has food out all day, but he is not food ‘obsessed’.  He will leave biscuits in the bowl, which we think is great.

Training and the Tissue Issue

We discovered a fantastic ‘high value treat’ that Nando will do anything for – Milk Drops!

He will sit and spit a tissue out of his mouth if a milk drop is on offer.  He will also almost always come when called if he knows we have them.  So they have been a fantastic training tool.


Nando can now swim!  He went swimming after ducks the other day, which wasn’t so great, but we are glad he has picked it up so quickly.

Learning to swim:



    • Thank you snapthedoodle :). After 7 days of three times a day antibiotic eye ointment his eye infections finally cleared up!

Let us know about your Groodle experiences! Same or different?