7 months old

The months are going by so quickly now!

Nando has stopped growing as quickly – he now weighs 24 kg, and is 59 cm in height.  His mother is 60 cm in height, and given that, under all of Nando’s hair he has a very poodley face and body type, we are expecting him to be approximately the same height as his mother.  However it has been reported that sometimes the Goldendoodles can grow larger than both of their parents – so we will see!!

Nando enjoying some healthy snacks:


Nando is well into puberty by now – and honestly, he has been a relative angel.  We had read that at this age puppies should always be kept on leads, and that they can be quite defiant to previous training.  Nando is great off lead (actually better than he is on lead!) – he runs ahead, but always waits for his people to catch up – and he mostly come back when called.  He has his moments when he decides to ignore us, but overall he is doing well – the Milk Drops we use for training have definitely assisted this process.  He will come when called every time if he knows Milk Drops are on offer.

Nando still enjoys humping his blankets – but he has not tried it out on any other dogs – despite many demonstrations on how to do it from the French Bulldogs in the neighbourhood (those little Frenchies are frisky!).

Nando also still does not lift his leg to pee – he has also observed many demonstrations of this from other male dogs – but its not his thing (yet?).  We say he pees like a ‘stallion’…..but in reality he sometimes pees on his front feet……I had not realised that would be a side effect!


There is a constant small amount of yellow discharge coming from his sheath/penis, which he licks at frequently – I believe this is normal for this age (due to development of the sex glands in the region), however it can be kind of gross if it gets on things, like furniture.


Nando loves other dogs, and he loves to play.  He tries to match the larger energetic dogs, but occasionally gets hurt (twice).  He cries, and lifts his leg in the air (classic wounded puppy move) and looks very sad for 3-5 minutes – then he is off and running again like nothing happened.

City Life

Nando is used to city life, but he really enjoys getting out of the city too.  We took him to a beautiful place called Walensee on the weekend (see picture below) and he was so excited he went a little crazy for a while.


Its really hot here at the moment, and Nando does not cope well with the heat.  Next year we will get the clippers out in early summer, and see if a shorter hair coat makes him more comfortable.  In the meantime he is swimming lots, or getting a cold shower.

Nando is brushed at least twice a week – we bought a Furminator brush, which works very well – maybe too well.  We are cautious overusing this brush because it may actually be pulling hair out as well as removing loose hair.

He is getting dreadlocks on his belly around the penis and testicles, so these need to be trimmed.

I also trim the hair around his eyes when it starts to grow over his eyes – he looks at himself a lot in the mirror after getting this haircut.  The eyelashes on the right eye have developed a weird curl so that it is constantly in from of his eye (see photo below) – but I don’t want to cut that – I am serious considering an eyelash curler however.

Nando the Groodle puppy sulking
The face I got after coming home from grocery shopping

Let us know about your Groodle experiences! Same or different?