9 months old

Nando’s rate of growth has really slowed down now – he has remained steady at 27 kg and 59 cm tall for a few weeks now.  It is a nice combination of height and weight.

After his clip 4 weeks ago his hair is growing back fast.  When his coat is cut short, it seems more curly and he looks more like a poodle, however as it is growing out it is going back to his ‘shaggy’ look.

He is still shedding hair – which means that, so far, the theory of long eyelashes and non-shedding is not holding true (his eyelashes are still ridiculously long) – but I have read that it can take 2 years for the adult Groodle coat to fully settle in.

Skateboards, thunder and fireworks are still scary.  Drones, apparently are not.  We share our dog park with the occasional drone aficionados, and some of the dogs are terrified of them – but not Nando, somewhat surprisingly.

Its interesting talking to other dog owners about this – the French Bulldogs are relatively fearless – they get excited about Skateboarders, but only because they look like fun to chase, and they are not particularly scared of thunder or fireworks.  The other Golden Retriever (pure or mixed breed) types in the area have similar anxieties to Nando.

Early this month, for 1 week, Nando vomited every morning at about 5am – always twice, and always just froth until the last one.  I have written an article in the Vet Corner (Vomiting II) about the possibilities and the outcome.

Nando went to the beach for the first time this month – he LOVED it.  We spent one week on the island of Texel (off the north coast of the Netherlands).  Its a dog paradise up there.

Let us know about your Groodle experiences! Same or different?