Nando’s Teething

Nando lost his baby teeth starting at 15 weeks of age and ending by 23 weeks of age.  Below is a timeline of the order in which the teeth were lost, and how it affected Nando.

9-14 weeks old – A mouth full of very sharp baby teeth!  Loves to chew on our hands.

15-19 weeks oldIncisors from the lower jaw were the first to go (15 weeks), then the upper incisors.  The adult incisors were growing in by 19 weeks old.  Not painful.

20 weeks old –  The upper molars started falling out.  This seemed quite painful as Nando was rubbing his face with his paw in the mornings, and after eating food, on the side where the teeth were loose.  He occasionally whimpered after eating, and when we looked this was because the sharp edges of the loose baby molars were sticking into his gum – if we wiggled the sharp edges free he became more comfortable.  There was occasionally blood on his toys, and he once covered a dog in blood specks during play – thankfully the other owner was very relaxed about that.

21-22 weeks old – The canines started falling out.  Nando was rubbing his face in the morning and after eating, and he was also showing more fearful behaviour.  He had difficulty carrying his toys with no canines, but the adult canines grew through quickly.  The premolars were also falling out by week 22 and Nando developed seriously rotten smelling breath.

23-24 weeks – The remaining premolars, and small molars from the very back of the mouth fell out.  Nando’s breath improved significantly, he was less fearful and more energetic.

The adult teeth all grew through quickly in the next few weeks.  We found quite a number of the baby teeth where Nando lay to chew toys and treats.

Below:  A comparison of early teething (left) vs adult teeth (right)



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