11 months old

If Nando could type he would write ‘yay, the cold weather is here!’.  He much prefers cold weather than hot.  Its also very wet and muddy, which means he gets hosed off 1-2 times per day.


We spent a long weekend in Germany, in the country, and he loved going for long walks, especially when there was plenty of autumn leaves on the ground.

Nando also went to his first Christmas market in Germany:

What is new this month:

  • Nando continues to pull strongly on the lead when taken for a walk – particularly in the afternoons – so we purchased a Halti head collar.  He does not like it (yet) but it makes life much more pleasant for us, and at 8 months pregnant, my back was not coping well with 28kgs of enthusiasm.
  • Since the chemical castration he stopped lifting his leg to pee.  See the chemical castration post for more details on what else changed.
  • He seems to have a renewed vigour for chewing, and has occasionally grabbed things like gloves and socks to take back to his doggy lair for a chew…….we are trying to keep him busy with alternatives such as cardboard, a large stick made from mango wood (it does not splinter), chew treats (dried skin from the head of cows, dried pizzles, dental chews etc), the occasional plastic bottle to annihilate, etc.
  • Nando is still terrified of the sound of skateboarders doing tricks on concrete – but thankfully with the cold weather the skateboarders will disappear for the winter.

Let us know about your Groodle experiences! Same or different?