14 months old and a new baby

Just after Nando’s first birthday, we had a baby.  Nando went to stay with friends for a week while we were in hospital, as well as for a couple of the first days we were at home.  Our friends spoiled him rotten, and when he came home he was mostly happy, but he didn’t really make eye contact with me, or look at the baby much for the first week.

Gradually he became more interested in the baby, and has mostly forgiven me for spending so much time with this wiggly new thing.  My husband has been making sure he gets plenty of exercise and socialisation with other dogs.  Overall, so far, the transition with the new baby has been relatively easy.

Nando gets a bit nervous/worried? when the baby cries, and where the baby goes he in general also likes to be in the vicinity.  At the dog park he hangs around the stroller if another dog approaches it, but if the dog is a bit scary (usually small aggressive dogs) he will loiter behind the stroller as a shield (Nando is not a dominant or aggressive dog…….normally, see below).

Having said that, in recent weeks he has started to show some aggression when playing with a toy with another dog.  Some mild fights have broken out, especially with the French Bulldogs.  We are now putting his throw toys away if another dog is present.

Update:  Now that the baby is 4 months old, Nando has gotten used to having it around, but he mostly ignores the baby.  He does get a bit jealous when I am playing with the baby and becomes more ‘needy’ – he brings his blanket over wanting to play with me too…….I try not to leave him out when possible :).

Let us know about your Groodle experiences! Same or different?