15 months old – chemical castration II

Six months ago we had Nando chemically castrated with an implant that, in theory, lasts for 12 months.  The vet did warn us that a large dog may need a second implant.  For the first 5 months we were happy with the effect of the implant – read more about when we first got it done at 10 months old; and how it was going 2 months later when Nando was 12 months old.

Now, at 15 months of age (he weighs 31-32kg), it seems as though the effect of the implant is wearing off:

  • Nando is starting to listen a little less well at the park
  • He once again has discharge coming from his penis
  • He has been getting into fights at the dog park.   These fights always occur when there are multiple dogs (particularly French Bulldogs) at the dog park, that are male, uncastrated, and there is a toy involved.  Our gentle boy has been getting into, and sometimes starting these fights.  With female dogs and puppies he is still very sweet.

So Nando is now booked for surgical castration – we sort of wanted to leave the option open for puppy making in the future, but it is no fun for any of us at the park if he is going to fight, and also, with some toy aggression, we do not want to risk any problems with the baby.

Let us know about your Groodle experiences! Same or different?