Fear of loud noises

I realise that my last 3 posts have been on negative topics……the reason for this is that I want to address the challenges we have faced, as they are maybe more helpful to other dog owners than hearing about what a sweet and wonderful dog Nando is (which he is).

Nando is a bit of a ‘fraidy cat. Ever since he was a puppy he has found loud noises challenging, or downright terrifying.

Here is a list of his noise ‘phobias’:

  1. Skateboards clanging on concrete – this is the number one most terrifying noise to Nando. He will not leave the apartment if he can hear them outside, and he will pull like crazy if he is on the lead, desperate to get away. However, slowly but surely he is getting brave enough to actually stop and look occasionally – which means he can see it is just normal people on a skateboard, which he does not find scary when they are not doing tricks on concrete. Fingers crossed, with a bit more time, he will learn not to be so scared by this noise.
  2. Fireworks – in Zurich, people are allowed to buy fireworks at certain times of the year, which means sometimes they are let off right outside our building. Poor dog. This year there was a massive fireworks display in the city, which we were lucky to be able to watch from our apartment. We also got Nando to watch, in the hope he could link the lights to the noise. He watched for about 10 minutes – he was trembling a bit but he stayed with us and did not try to bolt to the fare side of the apartment………I am hoping this is a promising sign.
  3. Thunder – scary, but not panic inducing. Worthy of a huddle on the bed however.
  4. Motorcycles
  5. Backfiring cars
  6. Vacuum cleaner – the vacuum cleaner he kind of has a love-hate relationship with. He will keep coming out of his huddle spot to look at it, and then ‘run away in fright’. Its almost like a game I think……will try to get a video.

Let us know about your Groodle experiences! Same or different?