High Energy and Hunting

Nando is almost 3 years old now.

He is a super high energy dog – he has much more energy than I expected (and can cope with sometimes) and he is really fast when he takes off running. At home, this energy only manifests as wanting to play tug-of-war all of the time. But when we get outside – phew, the dog can go and go and go!

He also loves to chase anything that moves, such as:

Throw toys – When Nando was young I wrote that he wasn’t very interested in chasing throw toys – well, now he is.

Cats. He is kind of obsessed with cats. One scratched him on the nose, but unfortunately this has not deterred him from wanting to find them and chase them.

Ducks. Nando is a great swimmer, so chasing after ducks is no problem, luckily he can’t swim fast enough to catch them. He is so fast (and happy!!) when he is running along the bank of a river, chasing the ducks when they take flight.

Squirrels and mice . Nando has learned to dig after the mice in their burrows. Delightfully dirty beard and legs afterward.

Deer. Nando will disappear for 10-15 minutes doing this but always finds his way back to his humans (his sense of direction seems to be excellent), sometimes so exhausted he is foaming at the mouth and has to lie down. Other times limping because he plowed through thorny raspberry plants. Always always he comes back with seeds and foliage all through his coat.

So….. leaving the house is always an adventure, as I try not to let him chase these animals, but I do want to let him run around off lead sometimes too. I have found a spot on a hill with no ducks, only some cats and squirrels, and deer only in a certain part, which can be avoided. There are however cows and sheep – Nando is scared of cows thankfully, and he is scared of the electric fences around the sheep. So cows and sheep do not pose much of a problem.

Let us know about your Groodle experiences! Same or different?