3 1/2 years old – Maturity at last!

In the past 12 months, Nando has been changing a bit.

Family Dog:

He has become more of a family dog – he wants to be where we are all the time. When our 2 year old daughter sleeps, he sleeps. When she wakes up and plays, he wakes up and wants to play too. Unfortunately (for me) they don’t play together yet, so I sometimes have 2 high energy ‘toddlers’ underfoot, with very different needs.


Going for a walk is getting much easier. Nando still pulls like crazy on the lead. We have 2 types of harnesses to stop pulling – one that goes over his nose and one for the chest. He hates both with a passion.

But! Off the lead, he listens better, stays closer, and he comes back when called (yay!)(mostly). The exception being if he sees a cat. He is still crazy about cats!!!

Playing with other dogs – he is super easy (except around French Bulldogs!). He is happy and playful and just wants to run. He doesn’t try to wrestle the other dogs now like he used to as a pup. He has little interest in small dog interactions, just big dogs that can run with him. He also avoids aggressive dogs.

Less Anxiety

Thunder and Fireworks and Skateboards noises are all less terrifying now. Partly because we have moved out of the city (less fireworks and skateboarders!) and our new place has what we call Nando’s ‘Panic room’. It is made from solid concrete and is partially underground and thunder and fireworks are hard to hear inside the room, and we can play him music in there.

Let us know about your Groodle experiences! Same or different?