About Nando

Nando’s Biography

Nando von Kirschgarten was born January 4 2018, in beautiful Franconia, Germany.  His mother is a cream colour Poodle, and his father is a cream colour Golden Retriever – which makes Nando a Goldendoodle or Groodle.

Nando the Groodle/Goldendoodle puppy - his parents!
Mum and Dad!  Picture courtesy of Goldendoodles vom Kirschgarten.

Nando’s mother gave birth to 9 live puppies, all of who looked almost identical!  They were all insanely cute with their cream coats, and black ‘button’ noses and eyes.

We really liked the website of the breeder, as it provided us with lots of information about the parents, and updates on how the litter was doing: http://www.goldendoodles-vom-kirschgarten.de

Growing up with 8 brothers and sisters, in addition to a second litter of Poodles (what a brave breeder!), Nando was well socialised from an early age.

Below are some baby photos of Nando, between the age of 1-8 weeks (photos courtesy of Goldendoodles vom Kirschgarten):

We picked Nando up when he was 9 weeks of age. We had a choice of 3 male puppies, any of which would have been perfect, and it was not an easy choice!  Here is Nando with his brothers and mother on the day we picked him up.  I think he is the pup standing between his mother and the wall.

Nando the Groodle puppy with his brothers and mother

Nando travelled with us from Germany to Switzerland and now resides in the city of Zürich.

He is growing up quickly, and has had a lot to learn growing up in the city!  He is a really sweet natured puppy, and we can no longer imagine our lives without him!

Here he is between the ages of 919 weeks (guess where his favourite spot in the house is!):